Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Fresh Meat Resources

Today, we link. Below are fresh meat resources, divided roughly by area and type. This list is by no means exhaustive and if you find a good resource, please include it in the comments! Lessons learned while researching this? I'm a little in love with Bonnie D. Stroir, but who isn't? Also, we need more posts and pages devoted to derby skills and skating technique training.

Meat chunks above, information chunks below.

Fresh Meat Basics / Misc.

Rollergirl's Fresh Meat File : basic but wide-spread in terms of coverage. A must.

More generally, Rollergirl's Info Page with basic skating, sizing, and gear maintenance This might save your skates.

Roller Derby Endurance Tips: Overview of suggested workouts to up your endurance, a must on the track. 

The Roller Derby ResourceRoller Derby Skating Skills. These people know everything.

Skills and Technique

(This area was especially lacking in my searches. We need more info!)

Bay City Bombers' Training Guide Comprehensive, drawn from a great deal of experience.

Striding Techniques for Skaters: Some links are outdated but it's a good start.

Instructional Videos (all on Youtube)

Derby Form by Stray Cat of Central Coast Roller Derby

Stops by Stray Cat

Crossovers by Stray Cat

Pack-Skating Basics by Stray Cat

Backwards Skating by Stray Cat

Sideways Skating by the San Diego Derby Dolls

Knee Slides by Stray Cat

Double Knee Slides by Stray Cat

Power Slides by the SDDD

Whips and Pushes by Stray Cat

Leg Whips by the SDDD

Backwards Whips and Blocks by the SDDD

Endurance by Stray Cat

Blocking by Stray Cat

Destructive Blocking by the San Diego Derby Dolls

Juking by the SDDD

Transitions by Expertvillage

Evasive Transitions by the SDDD

Specific Blog Posts

Roller Derby Disorder: Keeping all your derby crap clean. Know this from day one. Excellent linkage.

Derby Girls BlogGuest Post by Rockquelle Damage of the Denver Wreckin' Roller Rebels. Great tips on how to increase your chances of derby success by making small changes in your day-to-day life.

Queen of the Rink's top seven tips for fresh meat. Concise and smart.

The Paper Ecdysiast: Fresh Meat Tips. In case you missed last week's  outing.

Fresh Meat Blogs

Fresh Meat: Tales From Derby Wannabes Their substantial archive is particularly noteworthy for the edification of freshies. More anecdotal than instructional, but awesome all the same.

Diary of a DerbyWannabe, particularly their Ten Goals in Ten Months Section Bright blog, great insight into the fresh meat tenderization process.

Start your own. Here, for example. Or here.

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